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AC10KV Medium Voltage Soft Starter , 1000KW Thyristor Soft Starter With Integrated Protection

Good quality Bypass Soft Starter for sales
Good quality Bypass Soft Starter for sales
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AC10KV Medium Voltage Soft Starter , 1000KW Thyristor Soft Starter With Integrated Protection

China AC10KV Medium Voltage Soft Starter , 1000KW Thyristor Soft Starter With Integrated Protection supplier

Large Image :  AC10KV Medium Voltage Soft Starter , 1000KW Thyristor Soft Starter With Integrated Protection

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Noker
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: NKS300-800-10-ZB

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: To be discussed later
Packaging Details: Wooden Packing
Delivery Time: 15-20 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 300 set per month
Detailed Product Description
Material: Aluminum Zinc Plate Size: Can Be Combined With KYN28 Switchgear
Protection: Motor Integrated Protector Communication: Optional Profibus Communication
Test: Rigorous Factory Testing Structure: Be Seperated To High\low Voltage Parts
High Light:

low voltage metal clad switchgear


power distribution cabinet

AC10KV Medium Voltage 1000KW Thyristor Soft Starter With Motor Integrated Protector for Electric Motor


AC10KV Medium Voltage 1000KW Thyristor Soft Starter With Motor Integrated Protector for Electric Motor is a high voltage motor soft starter designed with up-to date concept,and mainly applicable to the control of and protection for the starting and stopping of squirrel-cage type asynchronous ans synchronous motors.The starter is composed of several thyristors in series-parallel,and it can meet different current and voltage requirements.

The product is widely used in electric industry with rated voltage 3000 to 10000V,building materials chemical industry,metallurgy,steel and paper-making industries etc.,and can perform well if used together with various kinds of electromechanical devices including water pumps,fans,compressors,crashers,agitators and conveyer belt etc.,It is the ideal device for starting and protecting high voltage motors.

Technical Indicators


Basic parameters
Type of load Three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous and synchronous motors
AC voltage 3000---10000VAC
Service frequency 50HZ/60HZ±2HZ
Phase sequence Allowed to work with any phase sequence
Composition of major loop (12SCRS,18SCRS,30SCRS depend on model)
Bypass contactor Contactor with direct starting capacity
Control power AC220V±15%
Transient voltage overload protection dv/dt snubber network
Start frequency 1-3 times per hour
Ambient condition Ambient temperature: -20°C -+50°C
Relative humidity: 5%----95% no condensation
Altitude less than 1500m (derating when altitude is more than 1500m)
Protective functions
Open-phase protection Cut off any phase of primary power supply in the course of starting or operation.
Over-current protection in operation Operational Over-current protection setting: 20~500%Ie
Unbalanced phase current protection Unbalanced phase current protection: 0~100%
Overload protection 10A,10,15,20,25,30,OFF
Underload protection Underload protection grade: 0~99%
Action time of underload protection: 0~250S
Start timeout Start time limit: 0~120S
Over-voltage protection When voltage of primary power supply is 120% higher than rated value, over-voltage protection is enabled.
Under-voltage protection When voltage of primary power supply is 70% lower than rated value, under-voltage protection is enabled.
Phase protection Allow to work with any phase sequence (through setting parameter)
Ground protection Protection available when grounding current is higher than set value
Description of communication
Protocol Modbus RTU
Communication interface RS485
Network connection Each  can communicate with 31 equipments in network.
Function Operation state and programming can be observed through communication interface.
Operating interface
LCD display LCD display/touch screen display
Language Chinese and English
Keyboard 6 touch membrane keyboard
Meter display
Voltage of primary power supply Display voltage of three-phase primary power supply
Three-phase current Display current of three-phase major loop
Data record
Fault history Record recent 15 faults information
History of number of starts Record number of starts of this soft starter




1. Free of maintenance:Thyristor is an electric device without contacts. Different from other kinds of products that need frequent maintenance on liquid and parts etc., it turns the mechanical lift into the service life of electronic components, so it needs no maintenance after running for many years.

2. Easy installation and operation:NKS300 is a complete system for controlling and protecting the starting of motor. It can put into operation only with the power line and motor line connected. The whole system can be tested electrically under low voltage before operating with high voltage.

3. Backup:The starter comes equipped with a vacuum contactor which can be used to start the motor directly in the inside. If NKS300 fails, the vacuum contactor can be used to start the motor directly to ensure the continuity of the production.

4. High voltage thyristor is a component of major loop, equipped with voltage balancing protection system and over-voltage protection system.

5. NKS300 comes equipped with an electromagnetic blocking device for fear of entering the high voltage device in the electrified state.

6. Advanced optical fiber transmission technique realizes the triggering detection of high voltage thyristor and the isolation between LV control loops.

7. 32-bit ARM-core microcontroller is used to perform central control which is real-time and high efficient with , high reliability and excellent stability.

8. LCD/touch screen display system in both Chinese and English with human-friendly operation interface.

9. RS-485 communication port can be used to communicate with the upper computer or centralized control center.

10. Aging experiments are made on all circuit boards.


Protection Features


1. The device adopts the ARM hardware platform structure, the protection module adopts the high performance 32 bit DSPs, enhances the reliability, fully guarantees the product stability and the computation speed.

2. The protection module uses the 16 bit Ar / D converter, the precision is up to 24 bits. The measuring and calculating indexes are easy to meet the requirements.

3. With large capacity RAM and Flash memory, data processing is powerful, 50 recorded wave reports can be recorded, and the power loss and maintenance function.

4 Protection function is realized by graphical logic programming. The function change does not need to modify the system program, the protection principle is transparent, reliable, the device flexibility, the stability, the reliability enhances greatly.

5. High speed serial communication interface, and integrated Modbus standard communication protocol.

6. Elaborate electrical design, There is no regulator for the whole machine, which realizes the concept design of no-debugging.

7. Perfect self-checking function, self-checking positioning to chip.

8. Strong and weak electric isolation arrangement, independent module design, so that the device has excellent anti-interference performance. Set screen or installed in switchgear without other anti-interference modules.

9. Perfect self-diagnostic function.

10. Dampproof, dustproof, anti-vibration chassis design.

11. Device with back insert structure, strong and weak electric separation, All the strong electric circuits can be directly connected to the device

12. Device adopts a fully closed structure and a low power consumption SMT process, which is not only suitable for power system, but also suitable for special industries such as chemical industry, coal mine and so on.




Voltage Model Rated Current (A) W (mm) H(mm) L (mm)
3000V NKS300-400-3 100 1000 2300 1500
NKS300-630-3 150
NKS300-1600-3 400 1300 2300 1600
NKS300-2500-3 ≥600 Reserved
6000V NKS300-420-6 50 1000 2300 1500
NKS300-630-6 75
NKS300-1250-6 150
NKS300-1600-6 200 1300 2300 1600
NKS300-2500-6 300
NKS300-3300-6 400
NKS300-4150-6 500
NKS300-5000-6 ≥600 Reserved







NKS300-420-10 30 1000 2300 1500
NKS300-630-10 45
NKS300-800-10 60
NKS300-1250-10 90
NKS300-1500-10 110
NKS300-1800-10 130
NKS300-2250-10 160
NKS300-2500-10 180
NKS300-2800-10 200
NKS300-3500-10 250
NKS300-4000-10 280
NKS300-4500-10 320 1300 2300 1600
NKS300-5500-10 400
NKS300-6000-10 430
NKS300-7000-10 500
NKS300-8500-10 ≥600 Reserved



Connection Diagram


AC10KV Medium Voltage Soft Starter , 1000KW Thyristor Soft Starter With Integrated Protection

NKS300 series products are designed to be free of maintenance. Like other electric equipments, this equipment should be regularly checked for fear of dust pollution, damp and environmental pollution resulted from industrial production. Serious pollution may result in high voltage discharge and affect the heat dissipation of SCR's cooler.
1 Fault analysis
When a fault occurs, the corresponding fault information will be displayed on LCD touch screen. The motor should be restarted after the fault is cleared. If the fault still can not be cleared using correct operating method and program processing, please contact the manufacturer.
2 Fault code
The soft starter has multiple protective functions. When the protective functions act, the soft starter will stop immediately and the current fault information will be displayed on LCD screen, touch screen and panel. Users can analyze and clear faults according to fault information.

Fault code Fault Cause Troubleshooting
01 Primary power phase loss Phase loss in starting or operation. Check the reliability of three-phase power
02 Phase sequence error Phase sequence reservedly connected. Adjust phase sequence or set phase sequence free of check.
03 Parameters lost Set parameters lost Check functions setting and reset
04 Freq error Poor quality of power grid? Check whether the power quality is found to range?
05 Over-current in operation Load suddenly becomes heavy.
Load variation is too large.
Adjust load running state
Adjust 1M13
07 Unbalanced phase current Phase loss or phase voltage is unbalanced Adjust 1M12
08 Thyristor overheat Internal cooler is overheat
The starter is not well ventilated.
Check the qualification of fan
Lower start frequency
Check if the control power voltage is too low.
09 Internal prohibition Violate operating instruction Ensure operating instruction
10 Start timeout Overburdened and start time is too short.
Current limiting amplitude is too small.
Adjust ramp time 1M04
Adjust current limiting amplitude 1M05
-- Over-voltage protection Power voltage of major loop is higher than set value Adjust over-voltage protection value
Check if primary power voltage if too high.
-- Under-voltage protection Power voltage of major loop is lower than set value Adjust Under-voltage protection value
Check if primary power voltage is too low.
-- Ground protection Ground current is larger than allowed value Check if there is ground current.
-- Frequent start protection Frequent start Reduce start frequency
13 Electronic thermal overload The duration of heavy current is too long.
Overload operation or not.
Check if motor current is wrongly set.
Overload or not.
14 Abnormal SCR SCR works abnormally
Output phase loss for soft starter
Check whether SCR is damaged.
Check whether input or output of soft starter lacks phase.

3 Fault history.
This starter can at most record the recent 15 faults information for users.
4 Troubleshooting
As fault has memory, after fault is cleared, you can reset fault through pressing button "STOP" for above 4 seconds, external fault clearance input terminal (D1 or D2 multifunction input) or cutting off AC220V control power to restore the starter to the state of ready to start.


AC10KV Medium Voltage Soft Starter , 1000KW Thyristor Soft Starter With Integrated Protection

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