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Medium And High Voltage Soft Start Cabinet
MT830 High Voltage Medium Voltage Solid State Starter

MT830 High Voltage Medium Voltage Solid State Starter

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Anchorwill
Certification: GB3906,IEC298
Model Number: MT830
Detail Information
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Product Name:
High Voltage Solid State Soft Starter
Main Line Voltage:
3kV-12kVAC -15%+10%
Low Voltage Commissioning:
Function For Low Voltage Testing Of Components
Fiber Optic Triggering:
Fiber Optic Triggering, Complete Isolation Of High And Low Voltage Components
Natural Cooling
Environmental Conditions:
- 10℃~40℃;less Than 95%RH;altitude Below 1000 Meters
Control Power Supply:
High Light:

High Light


high voltage soft starter


solid state soft start


MT830 medium voltage solid state starter

Trading Information
Minimum Order Quantity:
Packaging Details:
Packing in wooden cases for export
Delivery Time:
1 - 10
Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T
Product Description

MT830 high voltage solid state soft starter


Product Overview


MT830 series high voltage solid state soft starter (hereinafter referred to as soft starter) adopts high performance thyristor and specialized insulation materials combined with modern power electronic control technology.
Thyristor and professional insulating materials and modern power electronic control technology combination, professional design and manufacture.
Designed and manufactured. It realizes soft starting, soft stopping, energy saving and various protection functions of the motor, and is specially designed for use by constant-speed AC motors as the motor.
It is specialized in starting and stopping device which is powered by constant speed AC motor. It is specialized in starting and stopping device of constant speed AC motor as running power.
small starting current, smooth starting, and prolonging the service life of motor and starting equipment. Widely
It is widely used in all kinds of centrifuges, fans, pumps, conveyor belts, dragging systems and other machinery and equipment.
equipment, etc.


Product Key Features


1. Adopting solid-state high-voltage high-power components, low heat generation, no noise; fiber optic trigger, high and low voltage isolation.

2. Provide over-current, overload, over-voltage, under-voltage, phase loss, phase breakage, current imbalance, wrong sequence, zero sequence, thyristor over-temperature, start times too frequent, start time too long and many other protection functions.
3. Provide a number of protection functions such as over-current overload, under-voltage, phase loss, current balance, wrong sequence, zero sequence, thyristor over-temperature, start times, start time too long, etc.
4. Low-voltage commissioning function

5. Capacitive absorption network provides over-voltage protection, reduces dv/dt impact, and prolongs the service life of the motor. Various control methods, local, machine-side, DCS, communication remote control.

4-20mA/O-10V analog output.

6. Built-in RS485 communication interface, adopts international standard Modbus control protocol.
7. 7-inch full-color touch screen, support for Chinese and English and a variety of languages, friendly human-machine interface, rich interface, view the operating curve, the use of intuitive, easy to operate, can record 9999 records and removable storage.


Model Description

MT830 Technical Specification
Load Type Three-phase asynchronous motors, synchronous motors
Main line voltage 3kV-12kVAC -15%+10%
frequency 50/60Hz ±2%
power module 12SCRs,18SCRs,30SCRs
phase sequence No phase sequence requirement
bypassed High-voltage vacuum contactors with direct starting capacity
Instantaneous overvoltage protection dv/dt absorbing network, resistive network
Low Voltage Commissioning Function for low voltage testing of components
Fiber Optic Triggering Fiber optic triggering, complete isolation of high and low voltage components
Cooling natural cooling
Starting frequency 1-6 times/H
Environmental conditions - 10℃~40℃;less than 95%RH;altitude below 1000 meters
Control power supply AC/DC220V
  Motor protection function
Overcurrent protection 0-600%Ie,0-60S
Phase loss protection Trip protection for mains phase loss during startup or operation
Phase break protection Trip protection when the motor is out of phase during startup or operation
Overload protection 1.05%Ie-10%Ie class protection
Phase sequence protection Locking the phase sequence of the initial installation
Long starting time Trip protection if the set soft start time is exceeded without switching the bypass
Three-phase power imbalance 0-100%Ie
Over-voltage protection 0-150%Ue
Undervoltage protection 0-100%Ue
Short circuit protection 0-10%Ie
Temperature protection Exceeding the set temperature value, trip protection
Grounding protection Trip protection if preset value is exceeded
M H 8 2 0 Performance
Starting curve Voltage Ramp Curve, Current Ramp Curve, Current Limit Curve, Fan Consumption Netting
Starting voltage 20%-100%Ue
Current limit 150%-600%
Starting time 1-150S
Soft stop time 1-150S
Pulse start Pulse voltage 0-100%Ue,pulse time 0-10.00S
Operator interface and communication
Display Meter Touch screen man-machine interface, display current, voltage, temperature and humidity, operation status (information can be stored)
Communication Interface RS-485
Communication Protocol Modbus RTU,PROFIBUS-DP



MT830 High Voltage Medium Voltage Solid State Starter 0

Selection Notes

● Fully understand the characteristics and usage of the load;
● The soft starter size should always be larger than the motor current value (rated operating current). In case of deviation from the rated value, it is necessary to select a larger soft starter;
● Installation altitude: no more than 1000m, above 1000m, consider capacity reduction.

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