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Custom Voltage Soft Starter
High Voltage Custom Voltage Soft Starter Motor In Electric Power System

High Voltage Custom Voltage Soft Starter Motor In Electric Power System

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Anchorwill
Certification: 3C
Model Number: MT830
Detail Information
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Product Name:
High Voltage Custom Soft Starter
Load Type:
Three-phase Asynchronous Motor, Synchronous Motor
Mains Voltage:
3kV-12kVAC -15%-+10
50/60Hz ±2%
Power Component:
12SCRs, 18SCRs, 30SCRs
Phase Sequence:
No Phase Sequence Requirement
Circuit Breaker:
Handcart Type Circuit Breakers
HV Vacuum Contactors With Direct Starting Capacity
Instantaneous Overvoltage Protection:
Dv/dt Absorption Network, Resistive Network
High Light:

High Light


electric motor soft start


Custom Voltage Soft Starter


Custom Soft Starter

Trading Information
Minimum Order Quantity:
Packaging Details:
Packing in wooden cases for export
Delivery Time:
1 - 10
Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T
Product Description

High Voltage Custom Soft Starter In Electric Power System


Product Overview

MT830 high-voltage solid-state integrated soft starter, on the basis of MT830 soft starter, add a trolley-type vacuum circuit breaker, integration of high-voltage switchgear functions, performance is more integrated.

Based on MT830 soft starter, MT830 adds handcart type vacuum circuit breaker and integrates the functions of high voltage switchgear, which makes the performance more integrated and stable.

Model MT830 is specially designed for the starting and stopping of AC motors as running power.


Typical applications

Widely used in squirrel cage asynchronous motors in electric power system, machinery manufacturing, cement production, metallurgy, mining, oil extraction, chemical industry, water treatment and other industries.
As a three-phase voltage 3kV-15kV medium and high voltage As a three-phase voltage 3kV-15kV medium and high voltage motor starting, control, protection, soft stop.

MT830 Technical Specification
Load Type Three-phase asynchronous motor, synchronous motor
Mains Voltage 3kV-12kVAC -15%-+10
Frequency 50/60Hz ±2%
Power Component 12SCRs, 18SCRs, 30SCRs
Phase Sequence No phase sequence requirement
Circuit Breaker Handcart type circuit breakers
Bypass HV vacuum contactors with direct starting capacity
Instantaneous overvoltage protection dv/dt absorption network, resistive network
Low Voltage Commissioning With low-voltage test components
Fiber Optic Trigger Fiber optic triggering, complete isolation of high and low voltage components
Cooling Natural cooling
Starting frequency 1-6 times/H
Environmental conditions -10℃~40℃;less than 95%RH;altitude below 1000m
Control power supply AC/DC220V
Motor protection function
Quick-break protection Circuit breaker 1 section, II section trip protection
Overcurrent protection 0-600%Ie,0-60S
Phase loss protection Trip protection when main power is out of phase during startup or operation
Phase break protection Trip protection for motor phase loss during startup or operation
Overload protection 1.05%Ie-10%Ie level protection
Phase sequence protection Locking phase sequence of initial installation
Long starting time Trip protection if the set soft start time is exceeded without switching the bypass
Three-phase power imbalance 0-100%Ie
Over-voltage protection 0-150%Ue
Undervoltage protection 0-100%Ue
Short circuit protection 0-10%Ie
Temperature protection Exceeding set temperature threshold, trip protection
Grounding protection Trip protection if preset value is exceeded
MT830 Performance
Starting curve Voltage Ramp Curve, Current Ramp Curve, Current Limit Curve, Fan Consumption Netting
Starting voltage 20%-100%Ue
Current limit 150%-600%
Starting time 1-150S
Soft stop time 1-150S
pulse start Pulse voltage 0-100%Ue,pulse time 0-10.00S
Operating Interface and Communications
Display Meter Touch screen human-machine interface, display current, voltage, temperature and humidity, operation status (information can be stored)
Communication Interface RS-485
Communication Protocol Modbus RTU, PROFIBUS-DP



Operating environment

The altitude of the installation place is not more than 1000m above sea level; if it is more than 1000m above sea level, the capacity should be reduced;
The ambient temperature is -10~40℃, above 40℃, it should be used at a reduced capacity, and the current should be reduced by 2% for every 1℃ above; ● The ambient humidity is ≤95%.
Ambient humidity ≤95%RH, no water condensation;
●Indoor without corrosive gas that destroys metal and insulating materials;
● No direct sunlight, dust, flammable gas, oil mist, dripping water or salt;
● Indoor installation upright installation.

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