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Low Voltage Soft Starter
3 Phase Motor Soft Starter For Air Compressor Built In Bypass Soft Starter Ck60

3 Phase Motor Soft Starter For Air Compressor Built In Bypass Soft Starter Ck60

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Anchorwill
Certification: 3C
Model Number: Ck60
Detail Information
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Product Name:
Air Compressor Soft Starter
Applicable Motor Type:
Squirrel-cage Three-phase Asynchronous Motors
Motor Power:
Adjustable Stopping Time:
0~120s Adjustable
Display Unit:
LCD Display
Protection And Monitoring:
Short-circuit, Over-voltage, Overload, Under-voltage, Phase Loss, Over-current, Temperature Protection
High Light:

High Light


3 phase motor soft starter


Built-In Bypass Soft Starter


soft starter for air compressor

Trading Information
Minimum Order Quantity:
Packaging Details:
Packing in wooden cases for export
Delivery Time:
1 - 10
Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T
Product Description
Ck60 Built-In Bypass Soft Starter Air Compressor Soft Starter
product description

With more than ten years of application experience, combined with the international and domestic market demand for soft starter applications, Ackwell has developed the CK60 series with a new design concept. New design concept, research and development of the CK60 series of new generation of built-in bypass economic soft starter, efficiency is more outstanding, more convenient installation. The CK60 series is a new generation of economic soft starter with built-in bypass, which is more efficient and easier to install.


Widely used in water supply pumps, ventilation systems, air-conditioning refrigeration station circulating pumps in water conservancy, mines, factories, high-rise buildings, large shopping malls and other places,

Fire-fighting and sprinkler pump control, etc.


Item Project Description
Applicable standards GB14048.6-2016(IEC947-4-2)
Applicable motor type Squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motors
Motor power 11A……1260A(5.5~630kW)
  Control Voltage AC220V±15%;50Hz/60Hz;AC110V±15%
input Rated Voltage AC380V±15%;50Hz/60Hz;660V±15%
Adjustable start time 1~120s adjustable
Adjustable stopping time 0~120s adjustable
control mode 1.Ramp voltage 2.Ramp current 3.Current limit mode
I/0 Logic Inputs 3 way(X1~X3)
Analog Outputs 1 channel 4~20mA/0~10V
Relay outputs 2 relay outputs
Run command inputs Keyboard display unit given, control terminal given
RS485 communication given
Communication Integrated communication protocols Standard Modbus protocol, 1 channel
Display Unit LCD display Can display current, voltage, alarm and other motor parameters
Protection and monitoring Short-circuit, over-voltage, overload, under-voltage, phase loss, over-current, temperature protection
matrix Location Indoor, not subject to direct sunlight, no dust, corrosive, flammable gases, oil mist,
water vapor, dripping water or salt, etc.
altitude Altitude more than 1000m, the capacity should be reduced accordingly, every increase of 100m, the current is reduced.
Environmental humidity -10℃~+40℃; -40℃ or above shall be used at a reduced capacity.
Above 40℃ shall be used at reduced capacity
For every 1℃, the current shall be reduced by 2%.
Temperature Less than 95%RH, no water droplet condensation.
Vibration Less than 5 .9m/s2(0 .6g)
Storage Temperature -40℃~70℃
framework Protection class Ip20
Cooling method Radiator, natural cooling
Installation Vertical installation in cabinet




The altitude of the installation place should not exceed 1000m; if it exceeds 1000m, the capacity should be reduced;

The ambient temperature is -10~40℃, above 40℃, the capacity should be reduced, and the current should be reduced by 2% for every 1℃ above.

Ambient humidity ≤95%RH, no water condensation;

●Indoor without corrosive gas that destroys metal and insulating materials:

●No direct sunlight, no dust, combustible gas, oil mist, dripping water or salt.


3 Phase Motor Soft Starter For Air Compressor Built In Bypass Soft Starter Ck60 0