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690v Soft Starter
100 Hp 75 KW 690v Soft Starter For Asynchronous Motor Built-In Bypass CK70 480a 320A 208 To 690V AC

100 Hp 75 KW 690v Soft Starter For Asynchronous Motor Built-In Bypass CK70 480a 320A 208 To 690V AC

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Anchorwill
Certification: 3C
Model Number: CK70
Detail Information
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Product Name:
440V Soft Starter
Applicable Standards:
Applicable Motor Type:
Squirrel-cage Three-phase Asynchronous Motors
Motor Power:
Adjustable Start Time:
1~120s Adjustable
Adjustable Stopping Time:
0~120s Adjustable
Control Mode:
1.Ramp Voltage 2.Ramp Current 3.Current Limit Mode
Vertical Installation In Cabinet
High Light:

High Light


690v soft starter


100 hp soft starter


75 kW soft starter

Trading Information
Minimum Order Quantity:
Packaging Details:
Packing in wooden cases for export
Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T
Product Description

CK70 Built-In Bypass Soft Starter Use DSP Central Processing Unit


CK70 Built-In Bypass Soft Starter 440V soft starter
CK70 series intelligent soft starter with built-in bypass is a brand-new product optimized and launched on the basis of our CK60 economic soft starter.
Based on the CK60 economic soft starter, the CK70 series is a brand-new product optimized and launched, and its overall performance has been greatly improved to become the preferred product for high-performance drive control of general machinery.
It has become the preferred product for high-performance drive control of general-purpose machinery. The product adopts today's international advanced level of power electronics technology and microprocessor
power electronics technology and microprocessor technology, and adopts high-performance DSP as the central processor to ensure the real-time, superior

Principle of operation

By limiting the starting current and starting torque, the soft starter can reliably prevent mechanical shock and voltage drop in the power grid during the starting process. The motor starting voltage is reduced by controlling the SCR conduction angle, and the motor starting voltage is increased to the rated voltage within the set starting time. By virtue of this stepless control of the motor voltage, the motor can be adjusted according to the load characteristics of the driven machine, gently accelerating the machinery and equipment, thus significantly improving the operating performance of the machinery and equipment, as well as the voltage drop of the driven machine.
This significantly improves the operational performance of the machine, reduces maintenance costs and extends service life.

Built-In Bypass Soft Starter Specifications
ITEM Project Description
Applicable standards GB14048.6-2016(IEC947-4-2)
Applicable motor type Squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motors
Motor power 11A……1260A(5.5~630kW)
importation Control Voltage AC220V±15%;50Hz/60Hz;AC110V±15%
Rated Voltage AC380V±15%;50Hz/60Hz;660V±15%
Adjustable start time 1~120s adjustable
Adjustable stopping time 0~120s adjustable
control mode 1.Ramp voltage 2.Ramp current 3.Current limit mode
I/0 Logic Inputs 3 channels (X1~X3)
Analog Outputs 1 channel 4~20mA/0~10V
Relay Output 2 relay outputs
Run the command by typing Keyboard display unit setting, control terminal setting
RS485 communication given.
Communication Integrated communication protocols Standard Modbus protocol, 1 channel
Display Unit LCD display Can display current, voltage, alarm and other motor parameters
Protection and monitoring Short-circuit, over-voltage, overload, under-voltage, phase loss, over-current, temperature protection
    Indoor, free from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive, flammable gases, oil mist, water vapor, dripping water or salt.
matrix Location Water vapor, dripping water or salt, etc.
altitude Altitude more than 1000m, the capacity should be reduced accordingly, every increase of 100m, the current is reduced by 0.5%.
environmental temperature -10℃~+40℃.
Above 40℃ shall be used with reduced capacity
For every increase of 1℃, the current shall be reduced by 2%.
Temperature Less than 95%RH, no water droplet condensation.
Vibration Less than 5.9m/s2(0.6g)
Storage Temperature -40℃~70℃
framework Protection class Ip20
Cooling method Radiator, natural cooling
Installation Vertical installation in cabinet



model number Rated power (kW) rated current   Overall dimensions
(A) Casing Model high wide depth
CK70-00840 7.5 22 M-SS-01 278 150 143
CK70-01140 11 27 M-SS-01 278 150 143
CK70-01540 15 30 M-SS-01 278 150 143
CK70-01840 18.5 34 M-SS-01 278 150 143
CK70-02240 22 38 M-SS-01 278 150 143
CK70-03040 30 65 M-SS-02 350 180 177
CK70-03740 37 70 M-SS-02 350 180 177
CK70-04540 45 88 M-SS-02 350 180 177
CK70-05540 55 110 M-SS-03 380 224 193
CK70-07540 75 140 M-SS-03 380 224 193
CK70-09040 90 172 M-SS-04 461 266 233
CK70-11040 110 200 M-SS-04 461 266 233
CK70-13240 132 280 M-SS-05 790 320 309
CK70-16040 160 320 M-SS-05 790 320 309
CK70-18540 185 355 M-SS-05 790 320 309
CK70-20040 200 380 M-SS-05 790 320 309
CK70-22040 220 440 M-SS-05 790 320 309
CK70-25040 250 480 M-SS-05 790 320 309
CK70-28040 280 560 M-SS-06 939 330 379
CK70-31540 315 600 M-SS-06 939 330 379
CK70-35540 355 700 M-SS-06 939 330 379
CK70-40040 400 780 M-SS-06 939 330 379
CK70-45040 450 820 M-SS-06 939 330 379
CK70-50040 500 1000 M-SS-06 939 330 379
CK70-63040 630 1100 M-SS-06 939 330 379


Operating environment
The altitude of the installation place is not more than 1000m above sea level; if it is more than 1000m above sea level, it should be used with reduced capacity;
The ambient temperature is -10~40℃, above 40℃, the capacity should be reduced, and the current should be reduced by 2% for every exceeding 1℃.
Ambient humidity ≤95%RH, no water condensation;
●Indoor without corrosive gas that destroys metal and insulating materials;
●No direct sunlight, no dust, flammable gas, oil mist, dripping water or salt.

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