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1140v Soft Starter
380V 690V 1140v Flameproof And Intrinsically Safe Ac Soft Starter Low Voltage

380V 690V 1140v Flameproof And Intrinsically Safe Ac Soft Starter Low Voltage

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Anchorwill
Certification: 3C
Model Number: AKS620
Detail Information
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Model Number:
SMD And Triple Defense Process
Product Name:
690V Soft Starter
Motor Power:
Applicable Motor Type:
Squirrel-cage Three-phase Asynchronous Motors
Applicable Standards:
GB14048.6-2008(idt IEC 60947-4-2:2002)
Key Lock And Function Selection:
Partial Or Full Locking Of Keys, Define The Function Range Of Some Keys To Prevent Misuse.
Protection And Monitoring:
Short-circuit, Over-voltage, Under-voltage, Overload, Phase Failure, Phase Sequence, Over-current, Grounding, Current Imbalance Motor Temperature Protection, Repeat Start Time
Display Unit:
LCD Display
High Light:

High Light


Ac Soft Starter Low Voltage


Low Voltage Soft Starter 380V 690V


Ac Motor Soft Start

Trading Information
Minimum Order Quantity:
Packaging Details:
Packing in wooden cases for export
Delivery Time:
1 - 10
Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T
Product Description

AKS620 mining low voltage soft starter 690V soft starter


Product Overview


AKS620 open type soft starter for mining is another high-tech product which is designed and manufactured by our company independently and integrated with light, machine and electricity. The product carries out the standards of Q/AZ2058-2005 and MT/T943-2005, and on the basis of explosion-proof and intrinsically safe vacuum electromagnetic starter for mining, it has changed the original direct starting and stopping to soft starting and stopping, and improved and perfected the new equipment such as protection system and manipulation system, It is a new type of equipment with improved protection, control and other systems. The use of this device can maximize the elimination of mechanical and current shocks, prolonging the service life of the equipment. Modularized structure design, especially adapted to the use and maintenance. The product is suitable for soft starting of heavy load asynchronous motors with AC 660V, 1140V voltage and 400A rated current, as well as magnetic starting under various conditions.

The starter is suitable for coal mines containing explosive gas (A-burning) and coal dust, and is used for remote control of soft starting, stopping and reversing or stopping in place of the corresponding frequency and voltage of mining explosion-proof three-phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motors in normal operation to provide comprehensive protection for the motor and its wiring, and it has the advantages of small starting current, balanced and reliable starting speed, no vibration of the start-up process tape, and small impact on the power grid. The starting curve is "S" curve.
The starting curve is "S" curve, which can be adjusted according to the actual working conditions on the site, especially suitable for underground scraper conveyor, belt conveyor and joint coal mining machine and other heavy load equipment.
This curve can be adjusted according to the actual working conditions on site, especially suitable for soft starting of heavy load equipment such as underground scraper conveyor, belt conveyor and combined coal mining machine.


Product Key Features

item Project Description
Applicable standards GB14048.6-2008(idt IEC 60947-4-2:2002)
Applicable motor type Squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motors
Motor power 18A-1000A(4-500kW)
input Rated Voltage AC220V-1140V;50Hz/60Hz ±5%
  Continuous voltage fluctuation not more than ±10%, short-term fluctuation not more than +10%.
Allowable voltage fluctuation range Voltage imbalance rate: <3%;frequency: ±5%
Adjustable starting time 1-60s adjustable
Adjustable stopping time 1-60s adjustable
Adjustable starting torque 30%-80%(direct starting torque)
Number of functions >145
I/0 Number Analog inputs 1 PTC input
Logic Input 4 logic inputs
Analog Output 0-20mA,0-5V selectable; 0-10V selectable;
Relay output 4 relay outputs, 2 of which are configurable
Run command inputs LCD keyboard display unit given, control terminal given;
RS485 communication given by a variety of ways to switch;
Dialog tools Integrated remote display terminal or installation software package
Communication Integrated communication protocols Customization
Optional accessories Modbus;Profibus-DP;DeviceNet
Display Unit LCD display Can display current, voltage, alarm light a variety of motor parameters
Key lock and function selection Partial or full locking of keys, define the function range of some keys to prevent misuse.
Protection and monitoring Short-circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, phase failure, phase sequence, over-current, grounding, current imbalance Motor temperature protection, repeat start time
newsletter Protection class IP20
Cooling method Heat sink, natural cooling



 380V 690V 1140v Flameproof And Intrinsically Safe Ac Soft Starter Low Voltage 0

Product Main Features

Leakage lockout
Built-in leakage detection function, using additional: DC way to detect leakage, without the need for external leakage plug-in.
Bypass monitoring
Whether it is a direct start or soft start state, it plays a real-time monitoring function, more comprehensive protection of the motor.
Modularized design
Split modular design is more convenient for production, installation, dismantling and maintenance, and the scientific design of balancing principle realizes the purpose of simple and convenient operation.

Communication function
Standard configuration of communication components, support for customization, a variety of standard bus protocols, easy to realize group control technology, factory default Modbus-R Tu protocol.